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 Marge Piercy
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About the Author

People like either laptops or desktops. I like to work with laptops rather than with desktops. I like Linux too. My first HOWTO was the Linux-Infrared-HOWTO about infrared support for Linux. My second is this one and my third the Ecology-HOWTO, about some ways to use Linux in an ecology aware manner.

Also I have written some pages about Linux with all the laptops I could put Linux on. You may find them at MobiliX - Laptops

During the work with the Laptop-HOWTO I have also collected some surveys about laptop related hardware: graphic chips , unofficially supported PCMCIA cards , internal modems and infrared chips and other hardware.

Since I don't own a non-Intel based machine, this guide might not contain all the details for non-Intel systems or may contain inaccuracies. For further information you may look up the Linux on Powerbook page by Sergio Brandano.

In May 2000 I have founded the German laptop reseller Xtops.DE , which is specialized on "Laptops and PDAs with Linux" preinstalled.