Wearable Computing

Also related to this topic but covered by another HOWTO, seems wearable computing. Detailed information about wearables you may find in the Wearable-HOWTO by Lionel, "trollhunter" Bouchpan-Lerust-Juery.

See also http://lcs.www.media.mit.edu/projects/wearables/ , http://wearables.blu.org and http://www.wearcomp.org/.

Sulawesi was developed due to the problems running a desktop GUI on a wearable computer. It has been designed and implemented to tackle what has been considered to be important challenges in a wearable user interface, the ability to accept input from any number of input devices, such as machine vision, speech recognition, portable keyboards, GPS devices, infra-red, etc. and to allow services to manipulate the information and generate a suitable output such as speech generation, graphics using a headmounted display, vibrotactile stimuli, etc. The Gili user interface has been updated, more documentation has been added, and the Spatial Reminder has been introduced.