Appendix J. Revision History

v0.1 13 January 1999, first draft

v0.2 15 January 1999, minor changes

v0.3 28 January 1999, APM chapter started, minor changes

v0.4 8 February, APM chapter rewritten, removed some lint

v0.5 17 February 1999, added small USB chapter, added Dealing with Limited Resources chapter, added Solutions with Laptops chapter, minor editorial changes, released draft to the public

v1.0 19 February 1999, added Sound and Keyboard chapter, minor changes, release to the LDP

v1.1 28 February 1999, spelling, grammar, style checked and many additional information added by W. Wade Hampton, added CD Drive, Harddisk and Kernel chapters, many minor changes

v1.2 5 March 1999, added Debian-Laptop-Mailing-List, added information about apmcd and suspendd to APM chapter, changed some URLs, minor changes

v1.3 8 March 1999, minor changes

v1.4 25 March 1999, added ACPI information, added chapters Appendix C - NeoMagic Chip NM20xx by Cedric Adjih and Appendix D - Annotated Bibliography , minor changes

v1.5 4 April 1999, added chapters about setting up E-Mail by Peter Englmaier and Noise Reduction, minor changes

v1.6 26 June 1999, rewrite of APM chapter, added install method via LapLink cable, URLs changed or added, spell checking, minor changes

v1.7 28 September 1999, changed <htmlurl ..> SGML tags to <url ..>, ACPI chapter separated, touchpad chapter separated and improved, preface rewritten, added information about divine, noflushd and parted, new chapter Linux Tools to Repartition a Hard Disk, added appendix E about specific laptops, some URLs updated, minor changes

v2.0 2 October 1999, added information about gphoto, kmc_utils, Memory Technology Devices and HUT Mobile IP; changed structur of document (moved chapters Accessories, Laptop Distribution and chapter about partitioning), new DVD chapter, started Aviation chapter, started OS/2 chapter, started Blind and Visually Impaired Users chapter, changed entity &tilde; in URLs to ~ to improve SGML-Tools PS output (otherwise ~ is missing), link to new Lucent WinModem driver, minor additions and changes

v2.1 2 November 1999, added information about email with UUCP, the use of CVS and other tools to synchronize two machines, the noatime mount option, GPS systems, presentation tools, and hard disk form factors, started chapter about the Hurd, changed URL of PCMCIA-CS package and LDP, reworked credits chapter, reworked APM chapter, minor changes

v2.2 2 December 1999, reorganized the chapters about Cellular Phones, Pagers, Calculators, Digital Cameras, Wearable Computing and Noise Reduction, many minor changes and bug fixes

v2.3 10 January 2000, added link to the new Wearable-HOWTO, some additions to GPS chapter, minor changes

v2.4, 24 March 2000, some links corrected (netenv, USB, GNOKII and others), link to Kanned and Lucent PCI modem driver added, minor changes

v2.5, 02 April 2000, section about mobile printers and scanners improved, new chapter Installing Linux on Macintosh PowerBook and other PowerBook information added (courtesy by Steven G. Johnson), new chapter about installation from parallel port CD drive (courtesy of Federico Pellegrin) minor changes

v2.6 02 May 2000, added some links to the Digital Cameras chapter, links to InterMezzo and LREAD added, links to Sony VAIO HOWTOs added, link to HOWTO about installing Linux on to laptops with 4MB RAM and <= 200MB hard disks, some additions to PowerBook chapter, minor changes

v3.0 20 June 2000, format changed to DocBook, title changed to "Linux on the Road - A Guide for Laptops and Mobile Devices" (Linux Mobile Edition), license changed to "GNU Free Documentation License - GFDL", added link to Digital-Camera-HOWTO, finally found the URLs of the FreeBSD-Mobile mailing list and of the Laptop Survey / FreeBSD - LTS, removed ToDo chapter, rearranged order of sections, chapter Other Resources much extended, minor changes

v3.1 03 August 2000, abbrevations (aka, IMHO, AFAIK, BTW) expanded, link to lphdisk added, information about second mouse (USB) included, PDA chapter reordered, minor changes

v3.2 03 September 2000, proposed Slovenian translation, link to LinModem-HOWTO, links to Linux ports and tools for the Agenda VR 3, HELIO, iPAQ H3600, Psion 5 and YOPY PDAs added, link to PCMCIA-CS page corrected, copyright notice for pictures included, minor changes

v3.3 25 October 2000, described some methods to connect to a remote server, link to unison added, some notes about installing on a Toshiba Libretto, new document URL, minor changes

v3.4 11 December 2000, new chapter about laptop mailing lists, URL of ACPI-HOWTO added, some URLs corrected, minor changes

v3.5 11 January 2001, new chapter about theft protection, new chapter about kernel 2.4, some URLs corrected, credits in alphabetical order now, minor changes

v3.6 07 February 2001, VAIO chapter rewritten (new links to Jog-Dial and camera drivers, mailing list, installation methods), link to ACER HOWTO added, minor changes

v3.7 26 March 2001, added new URL of Linux on Laptops by Kenneth E. Harker, improved input device section (imwheel, akdaemon, hotkeys), added link to mirrordir, started survey of PDA distributions, minor changes

v3.8 23 April 2001, added a new chapter mass installation, URLs updated, minor changes

v3.9 13 May 2001, survey of USB ethernet devices added, kernel configuration (example) moved into a separate WWW page minor changes